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Real Estate Staging is one of the most important Marketing Tools in selling Residential Real Estate. Within seconds of walking into a home, prospective Buyers form an impression and know whether they want to make an Offer to purchase. Properties that are Professionally Staged offer prospective Buyers a “glimpse” of what the property can feel like…….and the property is often received with that all-so-sweet feeling of “aaaahhh.”

Staging is a unique “design to sell” technique using furniture, artwork and accessories to create a visual experience, and a feeling of emotional warmth that will appeal to the widest range of people. Prospective Buyers only know what they see — not how a property can be. They want to imagine themselves living in the property, to clearly see the house and its features and not to be overwhelmed or distracted by the current homeowner’s possessions.

There are a wide number and variety of Real Estate Staging courses in the country. The Certification for Stephanie Wilson is from one of the most comprehensive courses available — a hands-on certification course from Interior Arrangements Institute for Redesign and Staging in Evergreen, Colorado. The course of study included Staging and Redesign of several private properties in the Denver area.  The Certification for Maria Luisa Velasco is from an equally comprehensive and highly-regarded program in Florida, Transformations Staging and Redesign School.

As seen on HG/TV, Real Estate Staging increases the visual value of a property. In most cases, Professionally Staged properties are on the market for a shorter period of time than un-Staged properties. And, prospective Buyers are more inclined to make higher offers, as they already see themselves living in the home.

We work in partnership with our Selling Clients through this process that can take anywhere from a couple weeks to many months.  We are front-and-center, assisting with decisions on what can be updated, painted, changed and enhanced to bring the maximum financial results in the shortest period of time.  We have a list of Contractors who work with us and our Clients to complete the process…..whether it is just “Lipstick” or a “Full Body Makeover.”

Redesign is the art of showcasing a home’s best features using the architecture of the space as the guide. I often employ this additional service for my Selling Clients to more greatly enhance the Real Estate Staging.  This creative process provides the most functional and aesthetically pleasing environment possible, creating a visual experience of emotional warmth using existing furnishings, artwork and accessories.  We work with our Clients to remove surplus furniture and accessories while re-positioning and relocating art and furniture to maximize the affect in Professional Photographs.

Real Estate Staging and Redesign work hand-in-hand to create the most appealing, inviting property for potential Buyers.  I work with my Selling Clients as a partner to enhance and, at times, transform their property into a space that will be captivating to the Buyers who tour.  My goal is ALWAYS to create an environment that moves my Selling Clients’ properties to the Top of any Buyer’s “Favorites” List!

After over 10 Years of Real Estate Staging and Redesign, the results are amazing and effective.  This marvelous service is provided to ALL our Selling Clients……and at no additional charge.  Real Estate Staging and Redesign is one of the many components of the Exemplary Customer Experience that is Priority One to the Stephanie Wilson Group.


(Stephanie M. Wilson and Maria Luisa Velasco are both Certified in Real Estate Staging and Redesign.)